Wonderful Aquafab or How to Replace Eggs in mayonnaise, Meringue and Mousse

Aquafab is a liquid that remains after cooking chickpeas, beans, lentils and other legumes. It is very appreciated by vegetarians for their ability to mimic the properties of egg white. On its basis, you can prepare a lot of simple, affordable and, most importantly, delicious dishes: meringue, mayonnaise and chocolate mousse.

Vanilla meringue on aquafab
The meringue on the aquafab is dry and harsh, inside it is not a wet “toffee”, which is so fond of some fans of this sweet dessert. Otherwise, you can experiment with it in the same way as with traditional meringue, adding nuts or chocolate. And it keeps its shape perfectly, so bake the meringues with small ones and decorate cakes, pies and cakes.

Aqua fab


Mayonnaise on aquafab
One may scold mayonnaise and wrinkle up his nose, but if the most popular sauce is cooked at home, it is difficult to refuse. And there is also a vegan version! Mayonnaise on akvafab – gentle, light, uniform. Yes, you can not spread it on bread (although why do it), it is more liquid than a classic, but it is great for salad dressing.

health benefit


Chocolate mousse on akvafab
Why did we not know before that chocolate mousse can be cooked in an aquafab? This is so wonderful! No eggs! Dessert to taste can not be distinguished from the traditional, the main thing – do not save on high-quality chocolate. Only it can not be stored, but who will keep such a delicious dish.

Chocolate mousse

“Aquafabu can be cooked on your own by boiling beans, or simply using liquid from a can of canned green peas. Now the peas opened for the can bank will be an occasion to please your homemade delicious desserts.”

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