How to Use Skin Oils

The article discusses skin oils. We talk about their beneficial and harmful properties, the correct methods of application. You will learn about the diversity of oils and how to get them, how they affect the dermis. The girl who applied these products to care for themselves will share their opinions with you.

Skin oils
The use of natural oils is a great way to improve the condition of the epidermis. Properly chosen tool can relieve acne, black spots, normalize the sebaceous glands, eliminate peeling, redness and even cope with the first age-related changes. It is worth adding to this low price and availability. Some types of oils can be purchased both at the pharmacy and at a regular grocery store. Most often, the following oils are used for skin care: olive, castor, linseed oil, coconut, sea buckthorn, burdock, peach, almond, grape seed, sunflower, essential oils.


Olive oil
Olive oil is a product extracted from European olive. Its composition contains a large amount of oleic acid, useful trace elements.

Most often it is used to care for:
– facial skin;
– decollete area;
– skin around the eyes.
Olive oil is used to remove “orange peel”.
How to apply
The effectiveness of the product depends on its proper use. To moisturize the skin using pure oil, applied to the face and body after a shower.
For cellulite, use the product with sea salt diluted in a glass of water, then spread the problem areas of the skin, wrap it with a film, warm it, wash it off after half an hour.
To power your hands, make special baths. Heat the oil once a week, put your hands in it for 10 minutes, then wash it off with soap.
For dry skin, periodically wipe the face with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil. Remove excess paper towel.

Useful properties and harm
The benefits of the properties of olive oil:
– nutrition and hydration of the skin;
– increase elasticity and elasticity;
– getting rid of cellulite;
– removal of inflammation, irritation;
– elimination of age-related changes;
– improvement of complexion;
– struggle with stryyami.
Harmful effects – clogging pores.

Castor oil
Castor oil is obtained from castor bean. The product contains oleic and linoleic acid. Glycerides of ricinoleic acid predominate in large quantities.

Means is used:
– to care for problem areas of the skin;
– to normalize the sebaceous glands in the T-zone of the face.
How to put
Recommendations for application:
1. To eliminate warts, rub in castor oil twice a day.
2. To remove blackheads, mix in equal proportions castor oil and olive oil, then apply on face for 10 minutes. After 2-3 treatments, the number of black spots and acne will noticeably decrease. Also, this mixture effectively removes striae, scars.
3. To whiten skin, apply castorcone twice a day to your face.

Useful properties and harm
Positive properties of castor oil:

– smoothing the “crows feet”;
– normalization of the sebaceous glands;
– elimination of papillomas, warts;
– getting rid of acne;
– elimination of the inflammatory process.

Harmful effects of the product can be only in one case – if improper use or the manufacture of a cosmetic composition. In such situations, the formation of rash, itching, burns.


Linseed oil
This tool is obtained from flax seeds. The composition contains acids: oleic, linoleic and linolenic. As well as vitamin E, folic acid.
Most often, the tool is used in the care of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands.

How to put
Application Tips:

1. To improve the appearance of the skin, wipe your face with linseed oil twice a day, avoiding the eye area.
2. To relieve irritation wet the gauze in oil, apply three times a day to the affected area.
3. To moisturize the skin of the body after each shower, apply some oil on the skin, rub it, let it soak.
4. To supply hands, make masks with the addition of other oils.

Useful properties and harm
Positive aspects of using the product:

– rejuvenation;
– moistening;
– protection from negative environmental factors;
– toning, appearance improvement;
– bleaching, improvement of complexion;
– elimination of irritations, reddenings.

Harmful factors are absent, with the exception of one – allergies with personal intolerance to the components.

Coconut oil
The composition of this product includes a large amount of fatty acids, vitamins, as well as calcium and phosphorus.

Quite often, coconut oil is used in the care of the skin of the face, around the eyes, decollete, neck and hands.

How to put
Recommendations for application:

1. When moisturizing the skin of the face, first wash and wipe the skin. Then apply a small amount of oil to the area around the eyes and spread it over the entire face.
2. To nourish the skin of the body, apply the composition after the bath and wait for it to be completely absorbed.
3. When caring for your hands, 20 grams of melted butter is enough; rub it in with massaging movements.
4. To eliminate acne for 10 days, add the product to your usual cleanser.
5. To combat age-related changes daily, apply oil on your face.

Useful properties and harm
The benefits of the application:

– nutrition;
– protection from external negative factors of nature;
– fast skin recovery;
– rejuvenation;
– elimination of stretch marks;
– softening of the skin.

Harmful factors are absent, except for one thing – an allergy in case of personal intolerance to the composition of the product.

Sea buck-thorn oil
The preparation includes vitamins B, C, as well as carotenoids, flavoring.

The product is used to care for fading, dry and loose skin. The tool copes with acne, irritations and the first signs of aging. The oil allows you to get rid of hardened skin and heal wounds, abrasions.

natural oil

How to put
Methods of use:

1. Always apply the compound to a clean face or body. This is best done after taking an evening bath.
2. To eliminate pigmentation, apply freckles daily on your face until the desired result is achieved.
3. It is possible to save the withering, dry skin, if you add a little preparation in a face cream. The calculation should be made based on the fact that in one portion of the cream should pour 3 drops of oil.

Useful properties and harm
Positive properties of the drug:

– soften the skin;
– warning “crow’s feet”;
– elimination of peeling.
Harmful effects possible in case of personal intolerance to the drug.

Burr oil
This tool is made from burdock, it includes mineral compounds, vitamins, antioxidants.

The drug is used to eliminate acne, crow’s feet, as well as with coarsened skin in the knees, elbow bend, feet.

How to put
Drawing scheme:
1. Take a shower, then spread the problem areas.
2. After being completely soaked, take a shower again.

Useful properties and harm
Positive properties:

– reduction of oily shine on the face;
– fight with “crow’s feet”;
– moistening;
– getting rid of acne.
Harmful effect occurs in the form of allergies with personal intolerance.

Peach oil
The product contains a large amount of fatty acids such as stearic, palmitic. As well as vitamins B, E.

The product is suitable for all skin types. Actively used to eliminate the “crow’s feet”, even out the complexion, improve skin elasticity.

It is often used in the fight against cellulite, as well as to create scrubs.

How to put
The tool should be applied to cleansed and steamed skin. You can use pure oil or add it to the daily care cream.

Oil undiluted treat problem areas of the epidermis. And wait until it is fully absorbed.

To care for your skin, you can mix the base oil with essential. Thus, you can get rid of wrinkles.

Useful properties and harm
Useful qualities of the product are in improving the condition of the skin, as well as an effective fight against wrinkles, cellulite.

Harm can be caused in case of presence of personal intolerance of components.

Almond oil
As part of the product there are various acids, such as oleic, linoleic, as well as vitamins and trace elements.

Most often, the drug is used to care for the skin of the face and neck, to prevent the formation of wrinkles. They remove makeup and actively added to various masks. Another area of ​​application – the fight against “orange peel”.

How to put
Recommendations for application:

1. To moisturize the body, daily rub the oil in the skin of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
2. To eliminate stretch, apply a little oil daily on problem areas.
3. To get rid of wrinkles, apply a little product on cleansed skin and gently massage it. Remove excess product with a paper towel.

Useful properties and harm
Product Benefit:

– purification from pollution;
– rejuvenation;
– protection from UV rays;
– moisturizing.
Harmful effects – allergies with personal intolerance.

Grape seed oil
The product contains vitamin E, proanthocyanides, Omega-6 and Omega-9.

The main directions of application of the tool:

– for massage;
– for foundation for make-up and its removal;
– to care for the area around the eyes;
– to create masks with essential oils.

How to put
Means is applied only on clean skin. To enhance the effect, you can slightly heat the product in a water bath, and then apply it.

The product can be used both in pure form and in combination with other components.

Useful properties and harm
Use of the drug:

– nutrition;
– adjustment of the sebaceous glands;
– elimination of redness and rash;
– rejuvenation.
Harm can occur only in the case of individual intolerance.

Sunflower oil
The drug contains a large amount of vitamins, fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the epidermis.

Most often, the drug is used to care for the skin of the face, décolleté and neck.

How to put
The composition is applied only to pre-cleansed skin.

To use the product for body care you need to take water treatment in advance.

To enhance the effect, gently heat the product in a water bath, then apply to the skin.

The product can be used both in pure form and in addition with other components.

Useful properties and harm
The positive effect of the drug:

– softening and moisturizing the skin;
– elimination of acne, black spots;
– an obstacle to the penetration of bacteria into the skin;
– deep cleansing and narrowing of pores;
– smoothing shallow “crows feet”;
– protection from exposure to sunlight;
– elimination of cellulite.
Harmful effects can be manifested in the form of rashes with personal intolerance.

lime oil

Essential oils
Most often, the following oils are used in skin care:

– sandalwood;
– Yang Yang;
– jasmine;
– orange;
– anise;
– Avocado oil.

Continuous use of funds contributes to:

– regeneration and restoration of the epidermis;
– rejuvenation;
– soothe damaged skin;
– removal of inflammations;
– cleansing, getting rid of acne.

Essential oils do not apply in pure form. They are always used in tandem with base oils and other components.

When creating masks and care products, it is unacceptable to exceed the amount of essential oils, as this may lead to deterioration of the skin condition. Means can be added to the bath, just enough 3-5 drops.

When using the product during massage, there is a splitting of adipose tissue and a lifting effect. To create a mixture should take 5 drops per 10-15 ml base.

To care for your skin requires 1 drop of the product and base oil.

Oils have a tonic, cleansing, firming and refreshing effect.

Each product may include several of the above characteristics.

In the manufacture of care products always pay attention to the active action of the product, so as not to combine in it the opposite characteristics.

Here are reviews of people who used oils for skin care.

Angelina, 27 years old
“I tried many products that promise to moisturize the skin in a short time and remove dead skin cells. But in fact, everything turned out to be a waste of money, nothing helped. I decided to try coconut oil for the sake of experiment. He has such an incredible smell! And the effect! I apply it to care for both face and body. Now I have discovered other types of oils for myself, I am testing castor oil, while there are no complaints.”

Vitalina, 47 years old
“What woman doesn’t want to look young? At the first appearance of the “crow’s feet”, I bought several natural oils in order to eliminate age-related changes. I had flaxseed and castor oil. More like flaxseed, and it absorbs faster. About wrinkles, I now do not remember.

What to remember
1. Any type of oil should be applied to clean skin.
2. For oily skin, it is advisable to use a small amount of oil.
3. It’s not a matter of moisturizing, but also stopping the inflammatory process.

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