5 Important Facts About Press Cubes

The art of creating the perfect press.

FACT 1. The muscles of the press (read, the desired cubes), we all have, but as a rule, they hide under a layer of fat and water. And the press cubes are visible only when the percentage of water becomes minimal, and the level of body fat drops below 10%.
Naturally, the appearance of the abdomen directly depends on the degree of our fitness. In other words, the athlete who is actively training, the press will be visible, even with a high fat content, but a person far from the sport, to boast of his press, will have to reduce the fat content to the absolute minimum.

Conclusion: the visualization of the press depends primarily on the “dryness” of the body. A low-carb diet means more than a workout for the appearance of press cubes.

FACT 2. Performing exercises for the press does not help to lose weight. It would be just wonderful, but fortunately (and maybe unfortunately), it is not. Local weight loss is impossible due to the physiological features of our own organism that are independent of us.
Fat “burns” on condition that the hormonal levels change. Namely, the rise of testosterone accelerates the process of lipolysis (splitting of fat molecules) with hurricane speed.
And in that sense, doing such a basic exercise as squats with a barbell on the back, and especially on the chest, allows you to pump up the press much faster than lifting the body on a Roman chair or crunches.

Conclusion: to lose weight, you need to increase energy costs in training. The best way to do this is to increase the number of basic exercises in your complex. That is, squats with a barbell – this is a better exercise for losing weight, and for creating press dice. Two – in one, as they say.

FACT 3. The press has no top or bottom. This is one whole muscle group, called Latin rectus abdominal (rectus muscle). And this means that it is possible to pump up the press by doing only one, the simplest exercise, the main thing is to understand the algorithm for creating such an “stubborn” muscle group as a press.
And if we are talking specifically about the most effective exercise for the press, then this is not lifting the legs in the arm or bending in the Roman chair – this is prayer (the body bends down while kneeling at the upper block)

Conclusion: the press is a monolith, the width of the arsenal of exercises for him, as, indeed, for other “stubborn” muscles (lower leg, forearm, neck) is not important. To create press dice, one exercise is enough.

FACT 4. The number of repetitions in the exercises for the press does not matter. The only factor that you need to focus on, shaking the press – is the feeling of a strong burning sensation. The ideal form of exercise for the press is muscle failure.
The complete impossibility of doing another repetition on a press is a guarantee of the quality of the exercise. For some, the refusal comes already after 15-20 repetitions, and someone needs to perform thirty flexions or lifts to make the press cubes beg for mercy.

Conclusion: to pump up the press you need to concentrate not on the number of repetitions, but on the achievement of muscle failure and the feeling of severe burning.

FACT 5. Powerful press and thin waist – this is not the same thing. Thin waist is a gift of nature, genetically determined by the width of the pelvic bones. And make a wide waist thinner than it is will not work. But the beauty of bodybuilding is that by increasing the width of the shoulder girdle, the waist can be made visually narrower. But a powerful press, with protruding cubes, the press makes the waist immediately larger.
Abdominal muscles grow in the same way as other muscle groups, increasing their muscle mass leads to an increase in waist circumference. In order to maintain a balance between the size of the abdominal muscles and the width of the waist, many fitness stars swing the press with minimal or no burden. They also avoid doing exercises for the lateral sections of the press (twisting and side bending).

Conclusion: the more abdominal muscles, the wider the waist. But having expanded the shoulder girdle and thereby changing the proportions of the body, the waist can be made visually narrower, even if there are wide bones of the pelvis and a powerful press.

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