5 Amazing Fact Of Honey + Cinnamon For Men

Honey and cinnamon have healing benefits, it used separately. The mixture of honey and cinnamon as natural cure is sometimes declared as elixir of health and immortality.

It was declared as spiritual food of philosophers and saints for ages, bliss of the spirit and gift from the heavens. Sometimes it was believed that honey and cinnamon, used in a mixture are able to return eye-sight to the bling person. Now I will tell You benefits of honey and cinnamon mixture.

1. Honey and Cinnamon for Strengthening the Immunity.
Honey and cinnamon are used as mixture, and by regular usage, they can improve overall immune system in organism, and protect successfully form viruses and bacteria’s.

2. For Digestion.
The usage of honey, strengthen white blood cells for successful fight against every type of illness: Cinnamon in combination with honey, speed digestion. It is necessary to take two spoons of mixture of honey and cinnamon as natural cure before eating, to allow digestion the hardest food.

3. For Long Life.
The Huns are people which are best-known for healthness of honey and cinnamon. They enjoyed tea of cinnamon and honey everyday, lived for many years and stayed fresh and vital. Scientists say that this combination slows aging, extends human life and makes skin fresh, soft and vital.

4. Against Bad Cholesterol.
Mix 3 small spoons of cinnamon and 2 big spoons of honey with 4dl of tea (the best is to use green tea). Drink 3 times per day. When there is fist intake, bad cholesterol will decrease for 10% for 2 hours, and after longer usage, it is possible to achieve full recovery.

5. For Weight Loss.
Maybe sounds a little strange, but honey and cinnamon can be used as a tool for weight loss. Mix a small spoon of cinnamon and 1 small spoon of honey and cook in a glass of water. Drink it 2 times per day (in the morning and in the evening). This prevents the deposition of fat in the body.

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